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Everybody is different! 

All of us have different health conditions, different genetics, different metabolics and we are different compared to sex, age, body weight, progress of diseases, status of liver/kidney, multiple diseases, polychronics, etc. 

These factors have influence on the dosing of pharmaceutical drugs. Personalized and precision medicine will automatically result in personalized dosing to optimize the effectiveness of a drug. And, at the same time, the adverse events of the drug needs to be minimized to preserve the health condition of the patient as much as possible.   

We want to offer an efficient, effective, financially attractive access to personalized and precision medicine. We connect the most modern IT systems together with the newest technology to produce personalized drugs. Another product of our service is the development and manufacturing of 2D/3D printer, software and intermediates to produce precision and personalized drug for the best treatment of the patient.

Our clients can produce 2D/3D printed drugs and can design the physico-chemical behaviour properties of the drugs. We care able to individualize the dissolution, the shape, the size, the color and the number of active pharmaceutical ingredients within the dosage form. All of this can increase the drug safety, the number of tablets can be reduced and the patient compliance can be improved. For many elderly patients (geriatric use) and very young patients (paediatric use) it can be a great benefit for the compliance and drug safety.

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