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FLEXDOSE® is the only pharmaceutical printer in the world that uses 2D printing in formulation production. In addition, FLEXDOSE® offers 3D printing options in the same housing. FLEXDOSE® is patented, CE certified, has GMP approval and containment options for handling HPAPIs. We are already working successfully globally on projects using FLEXDOSE® Printing. The hardware and software, which DiHeSys largely designed itself, was developed, manufactured and perfectly coordinated by our experts. This means that FLEXDOSE® enables precise, highly specialized and time-efficient printing of up to four APIs in one printing process. 

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Laboratory experiments

In order to ensure a perfect interaction between hardware, software and active ingredient, we at DiHeSys develop inks and polymers - individually for each individual active ingredient. The corresponding formulation development takes place both internally and in cooperation with healthcare companies such as manufacturers, health insurance companies, pharmacies, ... with specific requirements. This dual approach allows us to offer our customers a constantly growing range of formulations. FLEXDOSE® means that unnecessary excipients are avoided as much as possible, which results in maximum preparation purity and thus the minimization of allergenic substances. 

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The aim of our software is intuitive usability with maximum security. Tailored specifically to pharmaceutical requirements for use in printing precision medicine, FLEXDOSE® allows high-precision printing and is additionally secured by an in-process control developed by us. Due to our requirements, the software is almost completely developed by us, individualized, constantly improved and - in collaboration with innovative partners - expanded to include AI-based solutions

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Supply management

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The aim of our supply management is to build a platform that promotes direct contact between our partners. This enables smooth integration of personalized 2D/3D printing into existing healthcare market structures. Our experts mediate between pharmacists, doctors, payers and other parties in the healthcare system both communicatively and legally by organizing and concluding selective contracts. The focus on the patient: Based on this, FLEXDOSE® creates added value for the entire healthcare system - whether pharmacies, doctors, clinics, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, university hospitals or care facilities. 

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The best support is the one that is not needed. For everything else, thanks to an international team of experts, we offer immediate professional and technical support in various languages - both by telephone and at your location. 

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