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Our vision:

In the future, every patient should have access to personalized medicines
be created. So, exactly the active ingredients in the individual
Print dose and composition.

Personalized prescription by the doctor, printed in the pharmacy, in the outpatient setting
Area made possible by the health insurance companies.

DiHeSys – Digital Health Systems GmbH is an innovative, digital healthcare provider.

We develop and manufacture information and process technology systems to give patients access to personalized medicines.

With our products and services, we optimize patient health care in all areas (prevention, diagnostics, treatment and therapeutic success).

The future belongs to the patients

We see a mega trend towards personalized medicine and the trend that patients want to take more and more responsibility for their personal health. Standard processes at doctors, pharmacies, wholesalers, the pharmaceutical industry and health insurance companies are increasingly being carried out, stored and evaluated digitally.

In the future, this data will also be usable for individual patients for prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation thanks to the development of digital processes and ever faster data processing. In the future, the informed patient will use digital information and platforms such as e.g. B. interfere with gamification in the prevention and treatment of his personal state of health and promote individualization in his interest. Things like smartphones, wearables, digital printing, but also e.g. B. Bonus programs from health insurance companies will also promote this.


Digitization in healthcare is taking place more slowly than in other areas. But the aging of our society, the demand for higher quality and drug safety, faster access to health care, increasing adherence while lowering health care costs and reducing unwanted side effects will accelerate them.

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