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Every person is individual and differs from others in terms of health, genetic factors, gender, age, weight, etc.


These factors as well as environmental factors, multiple diseases, organ function and disease progression determine the effectiveness of drugs and their dosage.


Personalized medicine means personalized dosing and increases the effectiveness of the medication. Undesirable side effects and interactions as well as the associated stress for the patient can be reduced.

DiHeSys - Digital Health Systems GmbH wants to ensure efficient, effective, but also affordable individual healthcare for patients. It combines modern procedures in diagnostics with the latest technologies for the production of personalized medicines. An example of application is the production of printers and ink with which pharmaceuticals are produced in 2D or 3D printing processes.

Compared to conventional tablets, 3D printing enables the production of tablets that dissolve more quickly, and this in all color and shape variants. The possibility of color and shape coding increases security through improved product identification. Another advantage is the Polypill, because 3D printing makes any combination of active ingredients possible. In this way, the number of tablets per dose can be significantly reduced, particularly for patients with multiple illnesses. This is beneficial for all patients with swallowing difficulties, children and the elderly.

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